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We need to get to Monflanquin from Bergerac Airport - there are 8 adults and an infant can you help? Would it be possible to get taxi's for this length of journey and how much should we look to pay for this?? I guess alternatively we would have to hire cars!

It's about 95 kilometers from the Bergerac Airport to Monflanquin, so at 1.44 € per kilometer the price (2010) in the Dordogne department where the Bergerac Airport is, you are looking at about 140€ one way for one taxi of three people during the day Monday to Saturday. As you are more than three people there can be an extra charge per person. I'm not sure of the exact amount. As you are 8 adults and an infant you might need to take two taxis.
There is a taxi service in Bergerac on 33 (0)5 53 23 32 32. I've never called them and don't know how good their English is.
Seeing how many you are it might be better to hire a van. You can try any of the companies I have listed here.

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